Competition Team

Dedication, Discipline, Passion

This team is an invitational only traveling competition team. IDCPC team members have opportunity to gain additional performance experience, be a part of a dedicated group of dancers, and work intensively alongside their teachers and the studio director. In addition to regular weekly classes (average of 4-10 hours per week), students will have an annual intensive technique and choreography camp as well as additional monthly rehearsals. Students learn the value of hard work, are motivated to reach their full potential, and make lasting relationships with their teammates and teachers. IDCPC members attend 2-6 competitions and conventions per season, traveling to locations such as Charleston SC, Greenville SC, Winston-Salem, Durham, Atlanta, and Nationals in Myrtle Beach, Orlando and Las Vegas.

Beginner Competition Team

Rising Stars Company & Energy Company

Rising Star and Energy Companies are an invitation only, local competition team (no traveling). Age 4-18 yrs are chosen and placed into teams of similar age or skill level. Each team competes one dance piece at two local competitions. Rising Star is great for existing students that have love and passion for dance and want to expand into the competitive arena slowly without huge time and monetary commitments.