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At Inspirations Dance Centre we strive to provide tailored instruction for every level of dancer that steps onto our dance floor. From the tiniest of tiny dancers to our graduating seniors, our goal is to help each student grow and build confidence through specialized instruction in a fun and engaging environment.

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My daughter has danced at Inspirations Dance Centre since the fall of 2014. In her time at IDC I've seen tremendous growth in her technique and overall confidence in dance. The faculty at IDC promotes a positive atmosphere for the dancers and encourages them to reach the next level in their abilities. I highly recommend Inspirations Dance Centre for both recreational and competitive dancing. What a blessing IDC is to have in our little Seaside town of Southport!

Lindsey, Southport, NC

My daughter has danced at inspirations dance centre for several years. We are excited about the new owners and all the new talent they have brought in to teach our kids. I would highly recommend inspirations dance centre.

Chuck, Southport, NC

My family and I have moved around for many years and my daughter has danced for several studios. But in our time with this studio, we have found our home. They graciously welcomed us from the beginning and we have had a remarkable experience! Eight years later, my daughter has become a confident young lady who has grown as an amazing dancer with a passion for what she does. The staff is caring and passionate about their jobs and the kids in their classes. I receive multiple emails and text messages regarding upcoming events so that I am informed. They have gone above and beyond to make sure that we had a somewhat normal season despite the hardships of Covid and all the closures that it caused. Thank you to all the hard working people who have contributed to making this year a success!!!

Rebecca, Southport, NC

My daughter started with a 6 week summer class and eventually joined weekly classes during the school year. Her teacher, Ms. Audra, was so sweet and patient with the 4 and 5 year olds. As a dance teacher (in public education- not this studio) I appreciated that my 5 year old was learning real technique and the real vocabulary. The owners communicate clearly and effectively through email and social media platforms. They respond to any questions very quickly. They kept the studios clean and safe during covid. They think outside of the box and worked with community partners to ensure dancers had an opportunity to perform for their families this year.

Amanda, Southport, NC

A huge thank you goes out to all of those putting together the Gala/Festival today. As with every festival there will be craziness but Dana and her team lined out our process and times to be there and warned us of the lack of parking via email so that things ran super smooth as long as you were prepared for craziness. Because of the way she outlined this show I was able to help set up leave, go get my daughter and made it back for her dances with time to spare. I was super impressed. My daughter has danced with IDC for 3 years and I was amazed at the lengths the studio went through in preparation for our kids to have a Gala regardless of Covid this year. For that I will be forever grateful for finally getting to see my baby finish the season on stage.

April, Southport, NC

Wonderful dance school for littles. My daughter loved their summer classes! Instructions are absolutely excellent. Great facility. Highly recommend!

Jess, Southport, NC

Absolutely fantastic place, full of genuine people.

Ben, Southport, NC